BREAKING: ISIS Threatens Canada, Promises Revenge for Aaron Driver’s Attack

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A propaganda outfit for ISIS has released some images to threaten Toronto. The images show a burning Toronto while a terrorist and a wolf watch from the side. The images say “our wolves will come to you.” The move comes as a response to the killing of Aaron Driver by the police following a failed terrorist attack in Ontario.Driver had a history of supporting ISIS. He repeatedly vowed to attack Canada and was even arrested and later released on a peace bond. He was recently killed by the police when the Canadian authorities received intelligence that he was about to carry out an attack at a busy public intersection.

ISIS promises retribution

The release of these images is an open threat by the radical terrorist group to attack Canada. The images were released by the ISIS support group al-Wa’d Foundation through their Telegram account. One of the images, showing the terrorist and the wolf watching a burning Toronto from a hillside, reads:

“O worshippers of the cross in Canada. Now now fighting came. Our wolves will come to you from where you will not know so you won’t enjoy life.”

Another image depicts a terrorist walking through a destroyed street of a burned down Toronto with the words “Soon, very soon.”

A day before the release of the images—al-Naba—an ISIS newspaper praised Driver for his actions calling him “one of the soldiers of the Islamic State.” The publication called his terrorist attempt “a martyrdom-seeking attack targeting Canadian Crusader police in Ontario.”


Propaganda is one of the key weapons that ISIS wields on social media. Although these images do not guarantee that ISIS will launch a direct attack on Canada, they do have the potential to inspire many other “lone wolf” attacks against the Canadian citizens.

The government needs to up their game on anti-terrorism methods to ensure maximum security for the people of the country.