Liberals Counter Radicalization Efforts Does Not Make Sense

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According to Canada’s Public Safety Minister, the country’s new counter radicalization efforts make little coherence. Ralph Goodale released a statement after the killing last week of an ISIL sympathizer who was allegedly about to carry out a terrorist attack on Canadian soil. While Goodale did applaud the law enforcement’s efforts in neutralizing the threat, he also pointed out the fact that the threat response needed to be improved in many other cities across Canada.

The swift response of the police after the release of a martyrdom video by the radicalised Muslim convert prevented what authorities believe would have been a security disaster if the attack was successful. The radicalised convert, Aaron Driver was confronted by the RCMP Emergency Response Team after he got into a taxi, but he was successful in detonating the explosive device. It is believed that Driver, who had the bomb concealed, was on his way to carry out the attack at a major urban center. Luckily, the terrorist’s attempt was foiled by a fast acting police force.

But, be that as it may, the recent foiled attack, and the previous close call where two members of the Canadian Force were killed in Saint Jean Sur Richelieu and Ottawa, has led many to believe that Canada has a serious security problem, and it’s got to do with Canada’s current national security framework.

The Public Safety Minister also pointed out that one of his greatest concerns were that of lone wolf operatives who are easily impressed and sucked into the perverse ideologies of radical groups such as ISIL, who promote violence. He also said that while the liberals seem to be committed to improving the national security situation, not much was being done to stop future attacks from happening in places such as Quebec, Ontario and Montreal. Goodale expressed his concerns and said that the situation could intensify in future.


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