BREAKING: An Internationally Wanted Terrorist Lives in Canada and Trudeau is Doing Nothing

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The recent failed terrorist attempt by alleged ISIS sympathizer is giving rise a number of serious questions about the way government deals with alleged terrorists. One of the questions is what does the government do when it knows someone is a wanted terrorist? The answer: absolutely nothing.Just look at the case of Ravishankar Kanagarajah.

Wanted for terrorist activities, Kanagarajah continues to reside outside the Greater Toronto Area, in peace, as a Canadian citizen. And even in the backdrop of the threats by terrorist and the incidents already reported, Canadian authorities are doing absolutely nothing to apprehend him.

Kanagarajah’s History

In 2010, Interpol issued a red notice in the suspect’s name to the Canadian authorities. The red notice is issued when Interpol requests a country to find, arrest, and extradite a wanted criminal. He is still named on the Interpol website and his charges are listed as “terrorism”.

Kanagarajah was convicted and sentenced by Sri Lankan courts for 30 years imprisonment for his involvement in transporting guns and explosives from North Korea to Sri Lanka for the Tamil Tigers. His organization, the LTTE, was responsible for spreading havoc in Sri Lanka and the violence conducted by the Tamil Tigers claimed the lives of many.

Woeful Inaction On Terrorism Charges

The Liberal government and the Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale recently vowed to improve their anti-terrorism measures to ensure the safety of the Canadian citizens but have consistently failed to take any solid or quantifiable measures to apprehend individuals, even in those cases where there is ample evidence against the suspect.

Ravishankar Kanagarajah has one such case. Even though, according to Canadian law, terrorism convictions can cause the suspect’s citizenship revoked, his lawyer vehemently stresses that the government has never even expressed an intention of doing that.


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