Immigration Minister Vows to Spread Chinese Immigrants across the Country

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Liberals are steaming ahead full speed in their plans to attract as many Chinese immigrants as they possibly can. What about the solutions to any potential problems that might arise? Just spread them across the country. That, apparently, is the solution the immigration minister John McCallum has for the skyrocketing housing prices in Vancouver and Toronto.

“We would like to spread the immigrants across the country relatively evenly. The last thing we want is that every immigrant either goes to Toronto or Vancouver,” he told the reporters. That is his plan for dealing with overwhelming immigration.

More Chinese Immigrants

The Immigration Minister has a lot on his hands right now. He has recently returned from his trip to China where he was involved in efforts to double, even triple, the number of visa application centers in China. The goal is to attract more Chinese visitors into the country.

What McCallum is doing right now is preparing grounds for an upcoming visit by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to China for the G20 summit. Despite the preparations, the government has not yet settled on a specific number of immigrants it wants to invite. That will be announced in September in addition to the figures for 2018 and 2019.

Increased Economic Output?

The rationale behind the frantic efforts, according to the minister, is that inviting more young people and incorporating them into Canada’s economy will propel the country forward. On paper, this proposal sounds okay. But even the simplest analysis reveals that this is not what would happen.

Canada’s economy is in a weak state right now. The jobs data released by Statistics Canada shows that the country lost more than 31,000 last month. Inviting more refugees in such a situation is nothing short of a disaster waiting to happen.