Police Are Trying To Stop Creep Catchers, but It Serves the Best Justice

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A vigilante group called Creep Catchers is doing what the police should do. Every day, they risk their personal safety to catch and report pedophiles and predators. And the recent attempt to expose another such individual is a testament to the dangers in which they place themselves.

Recently, a sting operation in Surrey, British Columbia, went awry when one of the members of the group were trying to record a video of a person they claimed had arranged to meet a teenager for underage sex. When the suspect realized he was being filmed, he panicked and crashed his car into a parked truck and nearly missed injuring the member of the group.

The Creep Catchers movement

“He got scared and tried to take off, hit a parked truck, (and) tried to run me over,” says Patrick LaForge, one of the members of the vigilante group who was actively involved in the operation and filming the whole thing.

The members of the vigilante group pose as teenagers online and then post the screenshots of their conversations and the videos of the suspects online. Their aim is to catch the people who commit these illegal activities and bring them to justice when the police can’t.

The police reacts

Instead of going after the suspect, the RCMP has issued statements against the group who is risking their lives every day to bring the criminals to justice.

“Vigilantism is a risk to the safety of all those involved including victims or potential victims, the alleged suspects, and/or the safety of those persons intent on broadcasting the suspected crime,” according to Cpl. Scotty Schumann.

Despite the ample evidence, the police are only investigating the case as a “motor vehicle incident” and have not discussed the possibility of laying charges against the suspect.



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