Ronald Reagan’s Son to Vote for Trump

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Plenty of people admire Trump, so it’s no surprise that Ronald Reagan’s son is also pretty impressed by Trump. One of the reasons why Michael Reagan recently said that he would vote for Trump is because despite her experience, Hillary Clinton has no tangible accomplishments. According to Reagan, Hillary Clinton, who is the Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party has achieved nothing during all her years in office. Apart from being elected twice as senator, no one can put a finger on anything she has done during her time as United States Secretary of State. And you know what, he’s right!

Is it really fair for Bill and Hillary Clinton, their campaign managers, and even the parents of a fallen soldier, who were used by the Democrats to point out that Trump has not made any sacrifices? While Trump has made some off-the-cuff remarks before, at least he’s never stooped as low as the Democrats in a bid to fool the public on Hillary’s email scandal and how serious it really is.


This is an open challenge to all Hillary’s supporters out there. How many sacrifices has she or former president Bill Clinton made for America? You will find that the charges put up against these two individuals are staggering.

The truth is that Hillary Clinton is a bad choice for President, period, because long before her email server scandal and “Benghazi” there was “The murder of Vince Foster” “The Rose Law Firm” and “Whitewater”. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, was responsible for some of the worst disasters in living memory. From “Extraordinary Rendition” to the “Financial Crisis” and “Supporting the Iraq Sanctions”, and lest we forget, let Osama Bin Laden get away.

While Reagan also mentioned that Trump and his father have nothing in common, besides the fact that they are both men, he would be voting for Trump over Hillary Clinton, and we don’t blame him.


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