Yet Another Case of Ludicrous Spending by Liberal MPs: $1,700 on Car Service

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They never seem to learn, do they?

The public outcry resulting from International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau’s wasteful spending spree hasn’t died down yet and we have another case of wasteful spending by Liberals on our hands. And this time, it’s the Federal Minister for Health Jane Philpott.

Like Bibeau, who spent more than $17,678 on just a single trip, Philpott doesn’t set much store by the value of conserving public spending either. She spent $1,700 on car service for just a single day as she drove around the Greater Toronto Area to attend various events.

Expenditure details

The publicly released details of Philpott’s travels are staggering. And this particular record involves her expenditures for just a single day—March 31. She travelled from her home to Hamilton and from there to Toronto, and to home again. Her trip to Hamilton involved attending an event in McMaster University to announce around $20 million in government spending for chronic disease research.

But it’s the details of her personal spending that caught the attention of the news. The limousine she hired to travel to those events cost the government around $1,709, including a $223 gratuity. The bill was paid to a limousine company based in Toronto, the Executive Sedan Livery Service Inc. owned by Reza Shirani.

Previous record

This is by no means the only time she has ever spent a ludicrous amount on transportation services. Philpott has a history with this particular car service. For instance, she had spent $1,994 on luxury transportation earlier when she spoke at an event of the Assembly of First Nations at Niagra Falls. An earlier bill worth $3,814 for several trips to Toronto’s airport was also charged on the government account.

Philpott’s spending habits have drawn sharp criticism from conservative critics. And while she says that the expenditure was “inappropriate” and vowed to prevent this in the future, she’s still adamant that she won’t pay the expenses out of her pocket.