Muslim on banning foreign law in Texas (sharia) “It’s very disrespectful”

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This Texas mayor didn’t want to ban sharia law, she simply wanted to ban foreign law, if you live in America, you must follow only American law. 

The bill that was introduced had no mention of sharia law, Islam or Muslims, it simply states to ban foreign law and the American law be secured in the region.

Beth Van Duyne from Irvine, Texas made headlines when she introduced the bill, she said the Muslim community said they will support the proposal, but they took it the wrong way. 

When Beth called for the ban of foreign law, Muslims in the area were quick to jump to the conclusion that she’s targeting sharia law, (which is probably true) but irrelevant. 

There was outrage and protest by the local Muslim community and they said its disrespectful to ban foreign laws, meaning laws such as sharia law.