Catherine McKenna’s Climate Change Conference Photos Cost the Taxpayers More Than $10,000

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The Liberal spending habits are getting out of hand.

Each report of wasteful spending is more outrageous than the other. First, there was International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, who spent nearly $14,000 on a useless emergency trip back home. Then there were reports of Health Minister Jane Philpott spending around $1,700 on just a day’s worth of limousine rides through the city.

And these are just personal expenses. We haven’t even included massive cases of useless spending on government programs—like the $70 million spent on a tax plan that never took off, $44 million on a jail strike that never happened, and a whopping billion dollars on a gas plant that was never built.

Add to that list, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna.

The $10,000 photography bill

Yes, you read that right.

According to documents received by the media, the Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) paid a French photojournalist more than $10,000 to photograph McKenna and her staff as she attended a climate change conference—the COP21—in Paris last year.

McKenna herself appears in all of the costly photos. And, instead of issuing an explanation or apology, the environment department says that this was a cost-saving measure. According to the ECCC, assigning the task of photography to French photographer Sébastien Leban was a way to prevent spending of sending a Canadian photographer to the event.

Taxpayers speak out

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, however, refused to buy the government’s explanation that this was a cost-saving measure. The director of the federation, Aaron Wudrick, believes that these photos promote the politician instead of the policy.

“Should taxpayers really be on the hook for what are essentially vanity photos for ministers? I don’t think there’s a compelling argument there,” says Wudrick.

Do you believe that spending more than $10,000 dollars on photos for a single event is justified?


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