Evacuation Ordered as Flames Rise Higher at Kelowna, BC

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As the fires rage, evacuation efforts are under way at Cinnabar Creek. According to the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations, Lake Okanagan Resort, Camp Mewata and Camp Owaissi are being evacuated. According to officials, ground crews are on the site of a raging fire that has burned approximately three hectares, and has forced residents of 150 properties on the west-side of Okanagan Lake to evacuate.

The fire flared up around the area of Bear Creek Provincial Park. An emergency reception center was opened in West Kelowna overnight to take calls and treat the wounded. So far more than 60 people have been to the reception centre. Authorities say that all properties around the area have been successfully evacuated, so there’s nothing to worry about as far as casualties are concerned. However, another fire broke out at the Godfriedson Mountain, which is some 18 kilometers west of west Kelowna, which is currently being fought by ground crews, and by air. The second fire that had broken out a few hours from the one in West Kelowna is believed to not be threatening to any of the homes in the area, which is good news.

According to officials, ground crews made good progress during the night on the blaze, and have managed to contain most of it. Ground crews and air crews continue to work on the fire with all available resources. But, there may still be some delays due to the smog due to the fire. Officials have said that ground crews will work in the area during the week to extinguish the fire. Residents and those passing through the area are requested to move away from the area for their own safety. While the Westside Road will remain open for single lane traffic, boaters however, are being urged to stay away from the area as crews continue to pull water from the lake to help extinguish the fire.