Trudeau’s honeymoon is OVER while Donald Trumpets Towards Clinton’s Lead

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Trumps in the news again, surprise! This week the polls sang a different tune as Hillary’s lead in the election campaign, for the first time, seemed to slow down, which for obvious reasons, made Hillary very uncomfortable. While the former Secretary of State remains in the lead, despite being dogged by her email scandal, Trump isn’t that far behind as polls suggest.

According to a presidential poll tracker, suggested that Hillary Clinton could be on her way to losing much of the swing states to Trump, if not all of them. Even with Trump losing support of some key Republicans, the campaign he’s leading seems to be as strong as ever. And the good news for Trump didn’t stop there either. New polls also suggest that Clintons, electoral college vote tally has dropped significantly in the past few weeks. And her lead in the national polls against the Trump brigade has also slipped from 6.4 to a measly 5.1 points as of today. The significant movement in the electoral college though has been the result of the narrowing lead in the national polls between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which means that a win for Trump is still very much within reach.

So, with swing states and even the polls inching towards the right, many are predicting that Trump could very well get the edge against Clinton, but that still remains to be seen. In other news, new reports of Clinton’s email scandal has resurfaced again, which has left much of the Democrats scrambling to defend themselves. The FBI recently uncovered nearly 15,000 more documents in the Clinton email probe, which has got to be uncomfortable for Hillary, especially considering the elections are just four months away, which makes it a bad time for things to get more scary for the Democrats.

Meanwhile in Canada Justin Trudeau is facing cloudy ways as Canadians are starting to feel the pain of the economy, day by day it’s crippling, reports Trump winning will be good for Canada’s economy, what do you think? Are you on Donald’s side?


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