1,500 Illegal Rafters From the US are Sent BACK

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The weekend saw hundreds of people crossing the border from the US into Canada, whether or not they were running from the possibility that Trump is going to be the next President is unclear, but what is clear that they did not get to experience the warm hospitality Canadians are known for. According to officials, Canada’s coast guard and law enforcement agencies in Sarnia, southwestern Ontario rescued nearly 1,500 Americans who were apparently fleeing their country.

This happened after their boats, inner tubes were blown ashore due to high winds. While no serious injuries were reported during this strange incident, some unusually high gusts were. According to reports, gusts of up to 35 miles per hour were reported during the event Port Huron Float Down, which is an annual cavalcade of watercrafts down the St. Clair River that separates the US with Canada.

While authorities had warned rafters of the high winds, hundreds of rafts and other crafts were pushed into Canada’s waters due to the heavy gusts, which left the Canadian coast guard no choice but to try and ensure the safety of all those who were in immediate danger because of the event, which is unsanctioned to begin with. Coast guard personnel reported that there were people where you would least expect them to be, which made rescue efforts even more difficult, but nothing our coast guard personnel couldn’t handle. Many of the revelers tried to swim back to the US since they were terrified of entering another country without the proper documentation. You will be pleased to know that those people were saved as well who would have surely drowned if not for the efforts of the coast guard.


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