Elizabeth May Says She’ll Stay On as Green Party Leader despite BDS Fiasco

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Elizabeth May has no qualms about being the Green Party leader even though her party destroyed her legitimacy by endorsing the controversial movement to impose sanctions on Israel. She’s willing to continue to lead the party even though she publicly hinted at resigning from her post a few weeks ago.

Her recent statements about her plans for the Green Party leadership give rise to more questions than it answers. Why did she need to resign from the party in the first place? How has the party drifted off from its core values? And why did Elizabeth May take the decision to not resign from her post?

Let’s attempt to address some of these questions as best as we can.

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions

Earlier this month, the Green Party was involved in a fiery controversy. Against the hopes of its own leadership and, specifically, the personal wishes of May, the party declared support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement at its convention.

This put May in a precarious position. She had publically denounced the BDS policy and urged her party members to vote against the motion. Even after the party voted in favor of BDS, she was adamant that did not actually support the motion and that this disaster was a result of moving away from consensus-based decision-making to adapt Bonser Method.

May’s future

Speculations in media arose after she stated she was “struggling with the question of whether [she] should continue as leader or not.” Some even said she would go on to join the NDP. Others spoke of Green leaves turning red and the chance that she may join the Liberals.

Turns out none of it was true. May doesn’t even plan on resigning.

“I will stay on as the leader of the Green Party of Canada,” she told the media. “I’m pleased with that decision and I’m very happy to have the support of the Federal Executive Council of the Green Party.”