Will Trudeau Help Canadian Jailed in China for Espionage?

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The family of a Canadian man jailed on charges of espionage sees a glimmer of hope as Prime Minister Trudeau plans upcoming visit to China. During a recent interview the PM promised to raise the issue of Kevin Garratt who was arrested along with his wife nearly two years ago by authorities in China.

While his wife was released six months later, Kevin Garratt was not so lucky. Luck, being something Kevin Garratt doesn’t believe much in when asked of Trudeau’s visit plans. According to the couple’s son, Simeon Garratt, the case has been going around in circles for months with no sign of a resolution in sight, which has gotten the family worried that something terrible might happen.

Justin Trudeau plans to visit China in the coming days, and will spend eight days in the East Asian country. During his stay there, Trudeau is scheduled to meet with Chinese dignitaries and leaders to hold bilateral talks. One of the main reasons for Trudeau’s visit to China is to attend the G20 leader’s summit which is going to be held in September.

Previously, Trudeau raised Garratt’s case with Wang Yi, the China’s foreign Minister during a meeting in Ottawa. But, not much was accomplished during that meeting, and the case was pushed aside. Trudeau has said that he has raised Garratt’s case whenever he’s had a chance to meet with Chinese officials, but has failed repeatedly to come to an agreement on a case of spying that, according to reports, the Chinese don’t have any evidence of. The wrongful imprisonment of Kevin Garratt without proper evidence had send human rights activists in a frenzy, who are asking Trudeau to demand for evidence that supports the allegations filed against Garratt. But, from what we’ve seen so far, Justin Trudeau’s soft diplomacy policy will probably mean that the Garratt family will just have to wait for divine intervention.


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