American border agents cross over to Canada to save people from a house fire

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After the recent incident of the float down team that drifted to Canada’s shores, it is the second time this week that Americans have made an uninvited visit to the True North. This time however, it was more than a few partiers going crazy on float boats. This was an act of valor by U.S. border agents to save people from a fire.

The house caught fire near Niagara Falls, Ontario, which was spotted by the U.S. Border Patrol Marine Units. They noticed that there were no emergency vehicles in the area and decided to take immediate action. They steered their boat in the direction of the house and shone lights and sounded sirens to alert the people of their arrival.

The boat reached ashore and one of the agents led a family of four which included two children to a safe spot across the road from the burning house.

It was reported by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection that another family of four living adjacent to the burning house was led to safety by another one of the U.S. agents.

The commander of another U.S. Patrol boat notified the Royal Canadian Mountain Police of the incident after the residents were taken to safety.

This was an act that showed that the border police of both the nations are working hard to provide safety for residents on any side of the border. This was definitely a very good response to the 1,500 uninvited partying guests that came from the US last Sunday.

Canada and America have had a good relationship with each other and will continue to do so if they look out for each other the way these heroic Marine Units did. Matt Harvey, the acting deputy patrol agent at Buffalo station, praised the Border Marine Agents for their good will and great judgment.



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