Canadians are leaving the country to join ISIS and other Terrorist Organizations

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There have been reports of people leaving Canada to possibly join ISIS and other terrorist military organizations. The number of people travelling abroad and are suspected to have connections with ISIS has increased from 130 to a striking 180 recently according to the Public safety report of Canada regarding terrorist activities.

Most travelers out of this sum of 180 are considered to be in Syria, Iraq or Turkey at the moment and are suspected to have gone to the lands to serve with the terrorist organization in any way they can.

The numbers have considerably gone up because of the declaration of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi as the leader of the terrorist group and the declaration of a Caliphate in Syria. Canada’s number of people who have left the West to join the cause is still considerably low as compared to the collective number of 6,600 from all Western countries.

These numbers not only include men but there are also a considerable number of women who are leaving to provide their services to the organization. They are travelling abroad with their children and marrying militants of ISIS in the affected areas.

Canada faces a probable threat of an attack if these people decide to come back. The attackers in Paris were also recent returnees to the country from Iraq and Syria. The Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale announced that from now on, the organization will be known as “Daesh” instead of ISIS as they are not a state and there is nothing Islamic about them.

Canada has also contributed $1 million to Interpol to keep a check on the activities of these immigrants and help monitor the safety of Canada itself. With the effort being made, hopefully Canada will stay out of harm’s way.


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