Stephen Harper Was The ‘Champion of the West’

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Former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper stepped down as MP recently after representing Calgary in the parliament. Harper was the second Calgarian to serve in the top political job in Canada and was also considered to be the longest serving MP from the west.
The news was broken to the public via a video and short statement in a subdued fashion. In the video, Harper can be seen thanking his associates and colleagues in the Conservative party before making the announcement of his resignation from the House of Commons. Harper’s nearly 18 year career in office had marked some significant changes in Canadian politics, many of which he will be remembered for by the Conservative Party and his supporters.

Harper, who was originally from Toronto, and came to Calgary when he was in his 20s, was just one of two prime ministers from Calgary. Harper was first elected as a Reform MP back in 1993 and served in that post for one term. After a brief separation, Harper returned to politics in 2002 when he won the Canadian Alliance leadership and also played one of the key roles in the merger of the Federal PC, which formed the Conservative Party.

Harper then went on to become Canada’s Prime Minister in 2006 and is responsible for steering Canada through the 2008 economic downturn, which saw many economies collapse. His leadership worked for the reduction of the size of the government and in the reduction of taxes.

Harper was also considered to be a calm, sophisticated and cerebral leader of the Conservative Party, who had a clear national vision and worked tirelessly towards it, which made it possible for Canada to enter the corridors of power and make its voice heard at a global scale.

After the announcement, his supporters along with many of his opponents also paid tribute to the hard-nosed political leader.


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