Trudeau Facing Problems with Climate Change Policy

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It is no secret that Justin Trudeau has been having some problems dealing with climate change. The dynamics that go into decision making when it comes to the climate is always fraught with tense and troubled negotiations. So, it is not surprising that Trudeau’s meeting with liberal MPs in the two-day meeting in Saguenay region Quebec was nothing but pep talk and mostly vague, and not surprisingly, useless declarations of how they need to deal with the greenhouse emissions.

This is without a doubt, just the beginning of what is expected to be another bumpy ride for the Trudeau administration as he tries to convince liberal MPs to take the long view when it comes to the policies of climate change. During the conference that took place in Quebec, farmers could be seen rolling their tractors and using placards in the rain in protest of what could be new taxes and the refusal by the Liberal government to halt imports of diafiltered milk proteins from the US, which is straining their own business.

Dairy farmers across the country are protesting against the Liberal government’s decision to allow diafiltered milk proteins into the country. According to them, this major loophole means that diafiltered milk is being imported by Canada from the US as an ingredient, instead of as milk, but is being used as milk in cheese, which means farmers have to deal with paying extra tarrifs because of the loophole.

While Liberal MPs spent the past months chatting up constituents on talking about the sunny side of things, dairy farmers say that the loophole is costing them around $231 million a year. While Trudeau has touched on this concern in the past not much has been done about it. Hopefully, his back to basics plan will get the government’s policies back on track.


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