Twin Brothers Sentenced for Terror Plot on Canadian Soil

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Twin brothers were sentenced to 24 years in prison after both plead guilty to plotting terror attacks in the country, including attempting to a radical terrorist group. 25-year old Ashton Larmond and his brother, Carlos were both sentenced to seven years in prison for plotting terror attacks.

 This sentence was apart from the other terror related offence of trying to leave the country that the two brothers were also sentenced for. Carlos was arrested last year at Montreal airport from where it is believed that he was leaving to join a radical organization. His brother, Ashton along with a third man were also arrested soon after.
During the hearing, the prosecutor in the case said that Ashton was behind plans to join IS in Syria and described him as the planner behind the terror plots that were to be carried out in Canada. The number of people who have travelled to Canada to Syria has elevated in the past months which has raised concerns about the whereabouts and activities of these young men after they leave Canada. 

Homegrown radicals who travel overseas from Canada are being termed “Extremist travelers” and have proven to be a major concern for law enforcement in Canada.

Not too long ago, we saw another example of homegrown radicalization when a sympathizer of ISIS was caught at the final stages of attempting to attack a Canadian city with the help of a homemade bomb. Luckily for law enforcement agencies and a tip from the FBI, Canadian police were able to stop the Islamic State supporter on time.

 According to reports, both the brothers along with Mohamed are not going to be eligible for parole until they have served at least half of their sentences. A report has been released on the amount of Canadians who have travelled to Syria from Canada in the past months, which is definitely a concern, especially since Canada has suffered two attacks over the past few years.