American Swimmer Faces Criminal Charges for Faking Robbery

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During the Rio Olympics which ended just days ago, we got to witness some incredible moments. But, the lure of witnesses near superhuman feats by athletes from around the world was eclipsed this year by a few unfortunate events. No, we’re not talking about the Zika outbreak, but something much worse. on the 14th of August after winning gold, American swimmer Ryan Lochte and a few of his friends decided to spend the night out partying, celebrating and vandalizing a restroom of a local gas station not far from the Olympic village.

Lochte and friends then went on to spin a tale of getting mugged by men dressed as the Brazilian Police, which was not taken seriously, or lightly by the local authorities who were facing criticism for security concerns during the prestigious event. Lochte managed to weasel out of Brazil before local police got to question him about the events that transpired that night, but Brazilian authorities have certainly not taken this lightly.   

Police in Brazil have now charged Lochte with making a false statement on the events of that night. According to reports, the police statement has also recommended that the court summons the gold medalist for questioning. This has been granted and the US State Department has become the second victim of Lochte’s thick headedness, the first one being the United States Olympic Committee that also issued an apology after learning the truth about the incident.

While Lochte himself has issued an apology, that’s just not enough according to many who feel that Lochte has a responsibility since many youngsters look up to the Olympian. Also, as a 12-time Olympic medalist it beehoves Lochte to go back to Brazil and take responsibility of his actions by apologizing to the Brazil government who of course feel disrespected.