Rachel Notley’s measures to stabilize the economy seem a little farfetched

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It has been observed that whenever a Right wing party decides to raise taxes, they are dubbed as mean and inconsiderate to the public while a Left wing party taking the same measures is given the easy way out by being labeled as realistic.

Rachel Notley’s term as the Alberta Premiere might have been what she wanted, but it could not have caught her at a worse time. With the collapsing oil prices hurling Alberta towards recession, Notley has decided to take a few steps that in her view will help stabilize the economy, but will they really work?

One of her acts was to raise taxes on corporations and the elites, which surprisingly went well, as none of them seemed to be antagonized by this. Another tax which is to be implemented from next year is the carbon tax as an initiative to improve the environment.

There is a fiscal report that suggests Alberta’s economy might drop to 2.7%, while the unemployment rate will fluctuate near 8%, which is not good news for the citizens of Alberta.

Although there have been claims that she will implement new policies that will create jobs for more than 10,000 people, it still does not cover up for the other 40,000 out of the 50,000 who lost their jobs to the dropping oil prices.

She has been recently lobbying for business ideas, and one of them that repeatedly comes up is a pipeline that will transport bitumen to Tidewater. It may be able to help the economy but its implementation will cost the province a lot too.

She stands true with her stance on no austerity measures but it seems that this would not be for long as the economic status of the province demands a few measures that can help bring it back on its feet.


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