Trump to Unveil his “Non-Racist” Deportation Policy

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The Republican nominee has come under fire more times than once during this election campaign. One of the reasons was when he blithely mentioned about his deportation policy as president, which was to essentially kick out millions of undocumented immigrants from the US. This of course sparked criticism from the Democratic camp who at once jumped on the bandwagon and called Trump a racist for this Sisyphean Task.

Analysts went on to list the reasons why this was a bad idea, stating that deportation on this scale could take up to twenty years and cost the US upwards of $600 billion. But, Trump who has remained blasé to the views of his opponents has claimed that his plan is not as myopic as people expect. Trump has also gone a step further and said that he will have a decision regarding illegal immigrants very soon. During an audience with Fox News Trump said, “So, you’ve got a person who has been in the US for many years, is doing pretty well and everything seems to be just fine. Do we take that person and their family and send them out?” 

Based on inside reports, Trump will now look to focus more on illegal immigrants who have a criminal record, rather than everybody. Trump acknowledged recently that while this policy is quite close to the current president, who is still the worst in US history, he and his colleagues will think of a better way to be more successful in taking care of the illegal immigration problem in the US. At the end of the day, Trump’s new and improved ‘forced deportation’ policy seems to be in lockstep with Obama’s. So, is this a good thing or bad? What do Democrats think of what they’ve called a “racist” policy now?


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