Canada’s ‘Hippy-Trippy’ Liberals want more Refugees

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What is it about refugees that’s so appealing – absolutely nothing. And while many would call it being racist, the reality is that countries such as Canada, as advanced as it is, does have a boatload of its own problems, jobs for new graduates and improving social equality being just a few. So, in the midst of our own dilemmas, why do Liberals seem to want more boatloads of refugees coming from failed states?

While Canada’s elected governments struggle with its unemployment rate, despite having the highest literacy rate amongst other first world countries, Liberals call for ‘doing more’ when it comes to taking in refugees from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Something that was blown out of proportion even since images of a drowned boy Alan Kurdi went viral worldwide, blowing wind up the Liberal’s agenda to ‘be Liberal.’

As it stands, the Canadian Immigration policy that has been spearheaded by the Trudeau administration is an absolute failure. It has allowed way too many immigrants to enter Canada without having a proper plan in place. The Federal Immigration has not even considered issues such as infrastructure, water, electrical and so on, which has left the health and social services system under pressure to meet the growing demands of refugees that keep pouring in thanks to Boy Blunder and his goof troops of liberals.

There needs to be a complete change in how immigration is carried out, which should include annual surveys of Canadian municipalities and cities for the approximation of how many people can be absorbed into the relative infrastructure and resources. While the former Conservative approach that was spearheaded by Harper and Former immigration minister Chris Alexander was still better, the current Trudeau Liberal government’s policy is absolutely flawed when it comes to handling the refugee crisis.