Alberta is closing coal mines and B.C. and Saskatchewan are opening coal mines, suspicious?

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With the increasing unemployment rate across the country, Canadians in Alberta fear for their economic future. There has been news about the town either shutting down the mines or hiring workers from China to replace the current employees.

A widespread worrying situation has been caused with employees questioning the current government’s plans for the people who will be unemployed due to these actions. There seems to be no real answer from the office as rates of unemployment rise to 70%.

People in Alberta, preparing to leave their homes behind to find a better future for themselves, may be able to find some solace in knowing that the governments of Saskatchewan and British Columbia are working towards reopening some of the mines that were previously shut down.

The last mine to close in Tumbler Ridge, was in 2015, which caused the province a lot of discomfort regarding rising unemployment rates and lower economic stability.

A company from West Virginia called E.R.P Fuels has recently shown interest in opening up three of the old mines. The news of the mines reopening is certainly very reassuring, as these mines will help employ hundreds of people in the province and help to stabilize the economy.

This company may be able to keep both wings of the government happy as their claim is to be an environmental friendly fuel company that is itself interested in reduction of carbon emission.

Seems like the Alberta government’s measures to reduce their carbon footprint was not well thought out as it caused the province more loss than it should have. Closing down coal mines should never have been the option. Instead as E.R.P Fuels suggests, by using the profits made from the sales of coal, a portion should be set aside to buy carbon offsets to help clean the environment.

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