Doctors Air Concerns on Trudeau’s Decision to Legalize Marijuana

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For those of you who do not know, Liberals are thinking of legalizing the psychoactive drug since they think it’s nothing but a benign substance. But, luckily, there are grownups in the house. Obviously, the decision to legalize the recreational use of marijuana has concerned many people, and the Trudeau administration got to hear an ear full during one of the sessions of the annual meeting of the Canadian Medical Association in Vancouver.

One of the major concerns of delegates at the event was that marijuana affects brain development, something that has been medically proven and has a raft of research to back it up. Besides that, the medical use of marijuana has not been proven yet, so using the term medical marijuana is nothing but a misnomer. While marijuana can be prescribed as a medical treatment in Canada, it is still considered to be illegal when it comes to recreational use.

An interesting fact, mentioned by many of the doctors present at this year’s event in Vancouver was of the ubiquitous smell of marijuana right outside the Westin Bayshore where the meeting of the Canadian Medical Association was being held. But, the real irony was that the convention was being held in Vancouver, the cannabis capital of Canada.

For the Liberals, the answer is easy. Doctors think that legalizing the recreational use of marijuana is a bad idea, and that goes for the mail service of distributing non medical marijuana too. Doctors also shared their concerns on allowing people to grow their own marijuana for non medical use.

According to doctors marijuana causes paranoia, anxiety, decreased cognition, addiction and behavioural problems, the fact that the Trudeau administration wants to legalize it means they can only try to persuade the government to anticipate the effects on current and future health system costs, not counting the issue of public safety.


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