Liberals announce half a billion dollars to UN peacekeeping operations

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The Liberal government has committed up to half a billion dollars and 600 soldiers to UN peacekeeping operations. The decision came as a surprise since Canada has not taken part in any of the United Nations peacekeeping missions since 2000, and many would have wanted things to remain that way.

Apparently, not the current Trudeau Administration that has welcomed various moves that are far from their soft diplomacy strategy that they often talk about. Not too long ago while visiting Ukraine, PM Trudeau announced of working on ways to modernize Ukraine’s military by providing them with weapons and even adding to the number of troops that are already stationed there.

The United Nations peacekeeping missions are carried out around the world with one purpose, which is to protect civilian populations in war torn regions of the world. And while the organization’s efforts has had its success stories, there have been plenty of times when peacekeeping missions have failed in their missions. For instance, the massacre of around 8,000 people in Srebrenica and the one million people who had lost their lives in the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Although no Canadian troops were involved in those missions, both incidents saw the failure of UN peacekeepers to keep the peace.

The recent decision to send troops to UN’s peacekeeping missions has raised a few eyebrows, mostly from the Conservatives and for good reason. First of all, the Trudeau administration has not mentioned where our Canadian troops are going to be deployed in their peacekeeping missions. A few observers have mentioned a few names, such as Mali, Congo or South Sudan, where peacekeeping missions are currently underway. Another reason why this decision is being criticized is because the Liberals seemed to have blindly pledged soldiers to the UN peacekeeping missions without taking much into consideration. Another issue that has raised concerns for this recent decision is that around 100 peacekeeping troops have been killed since 2013, which has forced many people to ask if pledging Canadian troops was a good decision by the Liberals.


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