Liberals to modernize Canada’s sex-ed laws to support LGBT community?

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The curriculum for sex education in Canada was updated last year and has been under criticism for a few additions to the curriculum that were deemed to be somewhat controversial by politicians and parents alike. A major part of discontent amongst parents is that the government should have consulted them before making some crucial changes such as including same sex relationships into the updated curriculum.

Keeping that in mind, progressive conservative leader Patrick Brown has issued a statement recently in which he has promised to scrap the updates to the sex-ed curriculum that was made by the Liberals. Canada’s sex-ed curriculum was updated by the newly established Liberal government under the leadership of Justin Trudeau just last year, much to the annoyance of parents across Canada, who were visibly uncomfortable and angered by the new changes that were made to the curriculum which their children were going to be though in school.

In an attempt to modernize Canada’s sex-ed curriculum, the Trudeau administration has come under fire quite a few times in the recent months, the last time being for changing the law to equalise the age of consent for anal sex. The updates to the sex-ed curriculum also included other important areas of concern such as sexting and online bullying, two growing problems in Canada. But, parents say that the inclusion of same sex relationships to the curriculum was a step too far.

The change has also prompted some parents to protest and even go to extremes such as pulling their children out of school since they feel that it is inappropriate. While brown has not said how he would go about the new changes to the sex-ed curriculum if elected he has voiced his concerns about the Liberals decision on making some significant changes to the sex-ed curriculum which would have to be updated once he came in office.


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