The Liberal Government is Utterly Clueless on How to Deal with Rising Terrorism

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Here’s the problem with Ralph Goodale’s approach to terrorism.

In a recent media statement, the Public Safety Minister stated, “Canada is fundamentally a safe and peaceful nation, but we are not naive about the security issues that dominate the world’s attention.” Naïve is exactly the right word to describe the Liberal government’s approach to counter terrorism, particularly in the aftermath of the potentially destructive terrorism attempt by ISIS supporter Aaron Driver.

The Liberal government appears clueless on what to do to combat the rising tide of Islamic extremism in the country. The approach they’ve adapted to deal with the situation can be described, at best, directionless and, at worst, an utter disaster.

Defining the threat

If you want to see how confused Goodale’s views on terrorism are, just consider how he defines the threat. In a recent report on terrorism, released by the department of public safety, the national threat level was placed at “medium.”

The minister explained the rationale behind this threat level as the possibility that a terrorist attack “could happen.” According to Goodale, “It’s not in the category of likely, but neither is it unlikely.” This just makes no sense whatsoever.

Instead of addressing the repeated threats by ISIS to blow up Canada’s cities, the minister busied himself with determining a standard name of the organization. In the preamble to the report, he wrote, “The group is neither Islamic nor a state, and so will be referred to as ‘Daesh.’”

The problem, dear minister, is not what to call the group. The problem we face is what the group is willing to do to terrorize the Canadian citizens. And that’s not even the biggest challenge the country faces.

Returning extremists

An even bigger threat to Canada’s national security is the return of the extremists, who left to join ISIS, back to Canada. According to government estimates, around 180 Canadians went to the Middle East to join the terrorist organization.

Around 60 of those have returned to Canadian soil. These individuals may have the “skills, experience and relationships developed abroad that could be used to recruit or inspire individuals in Canada,” says the report.

Instead of planning to address these challenges, the Liberal government is planning to repeal what they call “problematic elements” of Anti-terrorism Bill C-51 brought in by the Conservative government. Instead of increasing the government’s counter-terrorism powers, they’re planning to limit them.

It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

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