Liberals Spending As Much As They Criticized the Conservatives About

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Before the liberals took office, there were many accusations made by them regarding the extravagance of the conservative leaders. The criticism was mainly based on the facilities that the conservative party used, through taxpayers’ money.

Today, it seems like the same frugal liberals have forgotten their accusations behind. They seem to be making the exact same expenses which were pointed out so strictly by them.

The only counter argument that the liberals could produce was that the conservatives did it too. That’s like taking a trip back to the school yard where a bunch of kids were playing with matches and you decided to do it too and got caught and the only thing you could say to your parents was, “They were doing it too.”

According to the liberals, Bev Oda having a $16 orange juice was a little too extravagant for a government that was not doing so well in their last term.

There also were accusations about the conservative politicians using vanity photographers that charged too much and went as far as to say that these expenses being cut down could have helped keep some of the places, like the Veterans Affair office, open.

Another accusation was about the luxury limos used by the conservatives to arrive in style.

If we look at the things that the liberals are doing these days, there isn’t much difference in their modus operandi as compared to the conservatives.

Let’s take a look at health minister Jane Philpott. She is driven around in a Lexus ES 300 luxury sedan. Now saying it’s not a limousine is correct, but it isn’t a cheap car either. It has the words luxury associated with it.

Catherine McKenna decided to hire a photographer in her visit to France that cost the taxpayers $6,600. This could have easily been avoided if she had decided to take a photographer from Canada.

So the liberals need to turn their fingers and point them at themselves for a while, asking ‘what are we doing wrong after the accusations that we had made previously?’


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