With already huge debt, is it a good idea for Trudeau to be in China?

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Since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, the Chinese government has seen this as a new opportunity to have better ties with Canada as far as trade is concerned. The two countries have not had a very good relationship regarding the imprisonment of Canadian citizen Kevin Garatt on charges of espionage and the $45 Billion trade deficit but both the Chinese and Justin Trudeau are looking to have a successful business relationship for the future.

Recently, China just surpassed Canada as America’s largest trade partner and now Canada is trying to get into the game as well by getting cheaper goods from China. However, Canadian economists warn Canada’s government to be very careful in making new trade agreements with China as the already mountainous debt is hovering over them like a sharp axe and since it rose to $45 Billion from $190 Million, there is a very high chance that it may go higher.

There is also the problem of more Chinese immigrants coming into the country which will heavily affect the country’s current employment rates. Trudeau has been making plans of visiting Chinese High schools with former NBA player Yao Ming to promote Canadian Tourism.

Trudeau seems to be following in his father’s footsteps and wants to make amends with China while keeping in mind the mention of Canada’s concern for human rights. Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau was the first one to make the relationship between the two countries better after they were cut off due to the Korean War.

It is no secret that China has become one of the most powerful countries economically through its exports to the world but is it going to be good for Canada? With an already huge debt and wavering relationship, it is hard to say that something profitable will come out of this visit.


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