B.C. Prepared for More Syrian Refugees

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1500 more Syrian refugees are scheduled to arrive in Canada and the British Columbian government says that they are ready this time. As ISIS continues its reign of terror in Syria, people are losing their homes and are leaving the country to look for shelter and safety.

With Canada settling 10,000 refugees last year, this year, the British Columbian government has said to have learned from experience and will welcome the refugees in with open arms.

There are different teams and setups that are specifically appointed to help the incoming refugees with their settlement and health concerns. Special activities for kids will be setup so they can feel right at home when they enter the True North.

There are however, concerns regarding families with larger number of people in them. British Columbian government has requested Ottawa to take families which have six or more members. With the last wave of refugees, housing became one of the biggest issues as there were too many people in one family to have them living together in a normal sized residence.

The handling of previous waves has helped Canadian provincial governments establish networks and services which will handle these situations with much more efficiency.

The problem that still remains however, is finding suitable jobs and livelihood for these people. With the country’s unemployment rates going up, the locals fear that there might not be enough jobs left for them.

The Canadian government is working its way towards better economic solutions for its current state. However, the effect does not seem to be taking place. The country stands at a fragile position considering the financial status and with the incoming refugees, there might be more damage done.

Helping the refugees is a global responsibility, but there are factors that countries have to consider carefully before deciding to welcome them.


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