Muslim Man screams ‘Allah’ and wants ‘non-believers’ to kill him on Westjet flight to Edmonton

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“He definitely wanted to die” said one passenger, A man in his 20’s caused disturbance in a Westjet flight from Toronto to Edmonton overnight, the man was reported to have walked to the front of the plane and wanted to get off the plane while still 30,000 feet in the air.

According to Kelly (one of the passengers), and another passenger said the man had spent the first three hours of the flight praying, but it wasn’t clear exactly what his motivation was.

“The entire time he was calling us ‘non-believers’, and if there were any believers on board, to kill him,” Kelly said.

“I don’t honestly know if he was trying to open the door, he definitely was moving towards the door, he was only a few feet away from it.”

Kelly told CTV the man yelled Allah but wasn’t sure what his intentions were.

Watch this CTV report below.

Muslim Terrorists have been known to have this behavior on previous attacks across the world, at this point the unruly man’s intentions are unknown, but was this some form of radicalized terror activity?

Bare Naked Islam reported the man to be Muslim.

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