Muslim refugee rapes 10-year-old boy because it was “culturally acceptable” in his homeland

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A refugee who raped a 10-year-old boy thought he did nothing wrong.

Mufiz Rahaman told Sydney’s Downing Centre Court that in Myanmar, raping children was not seen as morally wrong.

Both Rahaman and his victim came to Australia as refugees because they were considered illegal immigrants from Bangladesh by the Buddhist-majority in Myanmar.

The young boy was living with a group of refugees, including his father, at a vacant club. It was there, in 2015, that Rahaman went into the boy’s bedroom that he shared with his dad, and took off his underwear.

Later, he raped the boy while his father was preparing lunch. When the boy’s father returned, he saw the door had been shut. He heard Rahaman say “I’ll give you money for this.”

At that point the boy’s dad stormed into the room and saw Rahaman on top of his son who was facedown on the bed with his pants around his knees.

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