New details on ‘Allah yelling’ Westjet suspect, mental illness?

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The mainstream media is doing their very best to hide the identity of the man causing a disturbance on a Westjet flight from Toronto to Edmonton late last night, if you haven’t heard, read it here, and here

The media says it’s unclear what his motivation was, really? 

What we know so far is the man was praying for the first three hours of the flight, he yelled ‘Allah’ and was wearing a backpack, and he wanted believers to kill him, the man wanted to die. 

One or more passengers on the plane wrestled the man and held him down until they landed, thankfully police detained the man on landing in Edmonton. 

Several witnesses and friends or family of those who were on the plane have made comments on social media that the man was definitely Muslim, but what the media is hiding is lots to protect this possible terror threat, what was his name? What language was he praying in? 

We spoke to RCMP Alberta media relations and they said no further details will be released as they are trying to determine if the person had illness, such as mental disorder, is that going to be their fight against terrorism? Mental illness? 

The mainstream media is funded by the liberal government and that’s just their way of reporting, watch as Sheila Gunn Reid explains more on this issue. 

More to come…