Anonymous Ghost Squad Hackers Declare War on Monsanto

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A group of Anonymous Ghost Squad Hackers have issued a direct threat to the multinational agrochemical giant Monsanto. The hackers have threatened to expose the secret activities of the organization and bring to light all their unethical practices.In a public message, the group recounted the history of the company and stated how the company was “killing our food.” The message read:

“This corporation is a weapon of mass destruction for humanity and our earth. They are poisoning the people, poisoning the animals, poisoning the earth. Monsanto is a Bilderberg tool for depopulation, sterilization and it supplies sickness to the sinister health care industry, for profits. Anonymous is dedicated to exposing and destroying this, our earth’s most evilest corporation.
We will now target all of your corporate divisions with cyber and street operations.”
But why? That is the question.

There are many reasons why Monsanto is one of the most controversial and hated companies in the world.

Before venturing into industrial agriculture and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), Monsanto was a chemical company. It was founded in 1901 and manufactured the notorious herbicide Agent Orange. That was not the only controversial item on its menu. The company dealt in DDT, the dairy cow hormones, and the horrendously harmful PCBs.

It was not until the 1980s that the company decided to discontinue its earlier operations and make a fresh start in bio-genetics. Monsanto was then rebranded as primarily, an agricultural company. But its activities were no less controversial here as well.

It is now the largest GMO seed producer in the world. And, as more and more evidence of the harmful effects of genetically modified food continues to pile up, the company is getting more and more flak for its involvement in GMOs. One would naturally expect that Monsanto would face the consequences of its actions. But the truth, actually, is quite the opposite. Along with two other companies, Syngenta and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, the company has actively taken control of food supply from local farmers.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that in absence of government regulation, the company faces threats from such characters.