Racist in Edmonton video has gone too far 

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An actor in Edmonton was filming  a commercial video when a man driving by started saying racist slurs out of his car. 

In the video, a person can be heard saying “The n*****s are coming! The n*****s are coming!”

Jesse Lipscombe shared the video on his Facebook page and encouraged his fans to share it, the video has since gone viral. 

We are conservatives and a right-wing magazine and we agree these types of racist comments should not be tolerated, there’s only one race, the human race, there’s no religion race, there’s no such thing. 

Lipscombe talked about the incident on CTV Edmonton:

opened the door and I really didn’t want to be aggressive, I wanted to get down on his level,” Lipscombe said.

“I just wanted him to say it to my face.”

After a short struggle, the man closed the door and the driver drove off, and a passenger shouted the same slur again.

“Obviously they weren’t in the mood to talk about it,” Lipscombe said. “Side note: the car definitely smelled like booze.”

Lipscombe’s post goes on to say: “Edmonton is better than these fools!

“What is better than a random knockout? A public shaming,” Lipscombe then urged social media users to share the video.

Lipscombe said he also wants to and raise awareness of racism in Edmonton.

“Let’s not be quiet about it, let’s actually put fuel in it,” Lipscombe said. “So people are aware and sensitive to the fact that life is different when you have a different hue of skin.”

What do you think? You could surely agree the racism in the video have gone too far ya?

Watch the report here.