FED UP: Trudeau needs to start building Canada’s economy 

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Justin Trudeau has announced a few infrastructure projects in Canada since becoming PM, but nothing compared to foreign infrastructure and economic projects. 

The only thing the far left media around the world have to say about Trudeau is his shirtless photos and impressive wife, they have nothing to say about what Trudeau has done for Canadians. 

Justin Trudeau clearly wants Albertas oil sands to die down, take Fort McMurray for example, 1000’s are out of jobs because of the fire back in May, the fires are not his fault, but his lack of assistance in the rebuilding process has nearly halted the rebuild. 

Many residents are still fighting with insurance claims and many lives have been changed because of the fire, Trudeau hasn’t mentioned anything about rebuilding Fort McMurray, he hadn’t even mentioned anything at all about Fort McMurray in weeks just a few months after the whole city had to be evacuated. 

Trudeau’s ignoring the energy east pipeline project, China owns part of many pipelines, but as Trudeau is enjoying his week long China visit there’s no talk about pipeline, there is talk about fighting protectionism and how to fight terrorism with teddy bears. 

As much as Trudeau is enjoying his ‘sunny ways’ it’s time to start thinking about putting money into pockets of Canadians, we are FED UP, low oil prices are not an excuse anymore.