Did Trudeau save the Panda from extinction with his cuddles? 

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It’s been the top headline for a few days now that the Giant Panda went from ‘Endangered’ to ‘Vulnerable’ on the global list of species at risk of extinction, and China was a big part of it. 

Pandas in China population grew 17 percent since 2014 and since  Justin Trudeau negotiates ISIS with cuddles, does he think he saved the Panda with cuddles?

Trudeau’s week long China visit has been nothing but bad news for Canada, he’s ignoring questions on pipelines and the threat against ISIS and says we must negotiate with the UN on peacekeeping missions.

Justin Trudeau went to get cuddles with Panda cubs in Toronto back in March, Trudeau noted that the Toronto Zoo is “an example of Canada’s strong commitment to science, conservation, and cutting-edge ecological and biodiversity sustainability.”

So to answer the question if Trudeau had anything to do with saving the Giant Panda from extinction in relations to his China visit? The answer is NO, he had nothing to do with it.