Once again FALSE polls suggest most Canadians support Trudeau

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The National Post published an article today with the headline: 

The Trudeau effect? Canadians’ trust in government rising, survey suggests

The article was written by Kathryn May who works for post media and the Ottawa Citizens which plays a big role in moving the Internet to support the left, in better terms, when a Conservative party is trying to win a election, they have two rival categories, their opponents and the media. 

The mainstream media has always been telling Canadians what they want to hear, therefore moving the Internet to lean towards the left. 

We’ve been running a poll for four months, five million people have seen the poll and 11,000 people have taken the poll, 95% didn’t support Trudeau, see the proof here, so why does the National Post and Kathryn May write an opinion piece about a false poll? Read their article here.

The answer is pretty clear, why do you think? Comment your thoughts.