This Chinese Beauty Queen Puts Trudeau In His Place And Has Advice For Him

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Canadian activist, actress and beauty queen Anastasia Lin calls Trudeau ‘a softy’ by not pushing the Chinese enough when it comes to human rights. She explains that his approach can endanger many Chinese Canadians and their families that live in the mainland.

Lin, who herself once tried to speak for human rights in China was silenced when her father started receiving threats. Lin says that this is the usual Modus Operandi of the communist government and they will keep silencing others who will try to speak out for it.

Lin believes that Trudeau with his position as Prime Minister can do a lot more than he is currently doing regarding the issue. Trudeau’s approach of having better ties with the Chinese government in regards to economic terms would have a better impact on Canada but his plan to later come back to the point of Human Rights will never work.

Lin believes that the Chinese have a way of trying to squeeze the best out of any bargain and if they feel that anyone dealing with them is under pressure, and expect them to make the best of it.

Lin shared her experience of being barred from entering China for the Miss World 2015 competition and also stated that the Chinese government is micro managing. She confirmed this with an incident regarding her dress which she was supposed to wear at an event in Washington DC. Her dress sponsor which was a Chinese Canadian company, backed out because the Chinese Consulate advised them to stay away from her.

Lin is very concerned about how Canada is running on the wishes of the Chinese as several journalists who spoke out against the issue were either laid off or received death threats. There has not been much development in this visit regarding the human rights issue and with the way things are going, and a lot of development in the matter is not expected.


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