Trudeau Sends Billions For Poverty Overseas, But Only ‘TESTS” Poverty In Canada

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There have been new developments by the government to begin tests in six cities in Ottawa to help come up with an anti poverty strategy. Canada is finally ready to take charge of the poverty problem in different areas of the nation which is dangerously increasing.

Listening to this reminds us of the time when Canada had frivolously given away about $4.3 billion to the rest of the world. That money was more than enough to have reduced a very considerable amount of poverty in the country.

Justin Trudeau has been spending quite freely since he came into office and it makes you wonder if he wants to be Prime Minister of the world. He undoubtedly gained a lot of popularity in the United Nations and had countless selfie opportunities at world public forums, but what about your own homeland?

$4.3 Billion is a huge amount and could have helped Canada out in a lot of ways. Think about using some of that money to help the seniors by giving them a larger pension plan. It could also have put a stop to the rising unemployment rates in Alberta.

The Prime Minister has always had the authority to assign the spending budget, but this time it seems like if it was in the hands of someone else, maybe Canada would not be hurting as much as it is under the liberals today.

There are many details of the project that are still in works, but statistics show that there are about 3,000,000 Canadians that have been living in poverty and about 235,00 of them experience homelessness annually.

Right now Canada needs all the help she can get to improve the financial situation which is why Justin Trudeau needs to rethink his spending strategy a lot more. He cannot be as careless as he was within the first 100 days of him taking office.


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