Canadians Students support Hillary Clinton because she has a VAGINA

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Canadian Students at the Ryerson campus have proven how educated they really are, most answers to Conservative journalist Lauren Southern were “because she’s a woman” when asked who they support in the presidential race.

Despite admittedly “not knowing much” these students all seemed to sway towards the Democrats.


Here’s 10 reasons why you should never support Hillary Clinton:

 The top ten reasons “not” to vote for Hillary Clinton.

10. Email-Gate

This one is almost a minor infraction, and so it appears last on the list. Apparently going against protocol Hillary Clinton had another email address rather than the one the government provides. This would be almost nothing, except for Hillary’s track record. It should be noted that having a private email is not uncommon for a government official, what raises eyebrows is that without an official investigation, one cannot see the contents of a private email address, whereas government emails are more closely scrutinized. You can read more here:The Stupidest part of Emailgate

9. Benghazi

This may be no more than a drawing at straws by Republicans to dissuade people from voting for Hillary Clinton. It is murky at best what role she had in any type of cover-up or white-washing of the Benghazi terrorist attacks. In any event this is another scandal to add to her resume. You can read more here: Why are republicans obsessed with Benghazi.

8. The Travelgate Scandal

Basically political crony-ism, but this is a little sleazier – read more here: Travel Gate Scandal

7. Chinagate

This one reads like the plot to a Hollywood film (Manchurian Candidate anyone). Allegedly the Clinton’s knew about, benefited from or were complicit in taking campaign finance money from a foreign interest (read: China). While the details are somewhat murky about what happened, it is borderline treasonous and is therefore on this list. Read more here: Latest Scandal Mirrors Chinagate

6. The Filegate Scandal

Allegedly in 1996, one Craig Livingstone, director of the White House’s Office of Personnel Security, requested several files on several hundred Republican employees from previous administrations without getting official authorization. This raises some serious “Big Brother” type questions and is serious business. Think about the implications, just because you do not share the same views as the reigning party – you are singled out. Read more here: Filegate Controversy

5. Whitewater

This one is simultaneously convoluted and scary. There is too much detail for a synopsis, you can read more here: Whitewater and Hillary Clinton.

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