BREAKING: Muslim Facing Charges After Westjet Incident

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A 20-year-old Muslim man named Yusuf Hassan is facing charges for mischief over $5,000, endangering the safety or security of an aircraft and failing to comply with aircrew when passengers had to wrestle the man to the plane floor on a flight from Toronto to Edmonton, read the full report here or here.

Finally police have released his name, it took police 8 days to release the name for the “Allah yelling” Muslim, he is set to appear in court on September 8 in court.

Yusuf wanted to die on Aug. 31 when he flew from Toronto, passenger Stephen Kelly was on the flight and told CTV News the man was wearing a backpack and was pacing back and forth making passengers nervous, Kelly said he wanted to die, he yelled Allah at some point and was praying for the first three hours of the flight.

Yusuf approached the flight attendant a few times and asked to get off the plane while still 30,000 feet in the air.

The mainstream media has yet to report the man to be a Muslim, however many reports including friends and family of those who were on the flight have spoken out and said the Yusuf was “definitely a Muslim” read one comment.

The intentions of the “unruly” man have not been released as of yet.

More to come…


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