British Prime Minister May, Reaffirms Views on CETA

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The still unsigned agreement raised some eyebrows in Trudeau’s office as there had been speculations of CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) not being followed through. The Agreement was to give Canada and Europe better trade ties but since Britain’s exit from the Union, it was not sure that the agreement will follow through.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has reaffirmed Canada and the European Union that the agreement will continue as agreed upon before, despite their decision to exit the 28 country bloc. This provides the Trudeau administration with some reassurance but there are still some countries in the Union that are opposing the agreement.

Some centre-left groups think that this agreement is nothing but a way for multinational companies to further their profits and would not create real employment opportunities. With both Canada and Europe facing a lot of financial instability, there is a very high chance that this agreement might not be able to solve the rising unemployment problem. The plan needs to be further developed to guarantee it proves to be useful for both the sides.


Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a high quality agreement that reinforces Canada’s fundamental relationship with the European Union.

Prime Minister May announced this during the G20 summit in Huangzhou. Trudeau had plans to push the deal during the summit for reassurance and use the venue as a guarantee for the progressive pact.

It seems like the strategy worked, but the agreement seems to be less fruitful than what was expected. Trudeau still needs to evaluate what is to be done to guarantee good trade relations with both EU and China to avoid further trade deficit.

With the agreement still unsigned, it is possible that there might be suggestions from both sides to improve it in a way that it helps out the nation more than it appears to, on the surface.

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