Canada still playing an important role in the ISIS bombing campaign

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Canada withdrew most of their aircrafts from the ISIS bombing campaign under the U.S. Military. However, the latest news suggests that Canadians are still playing a very vital role in the fight against the extremist militants.
After the withdrawal, the liberal government decided to leave three of their aircrafts behind which includes a Polaris air to air refueling aircraft and two Auroras. The aircrafts have been a tremendous help in the fight against the militants by providing aid and extra surveillance and info in the disputed areas.

A Canadian team of military analysts are assigned the job of studying the photos of bombed areas collected by the Auroras and provide additional information for the advancement of the campaign.

The Polaris is reported to have flown about 544 missions, over which it has helped to transport almost 14,000 tonnes of fuel. The Auroras have also been reported to have completed 575 recon missions in ISIS territories.

The aircrafts have been assigned special missions that are situated in Northern Iraq in support of the coming battle that will take place in Mosul.
It is also reported that a helicopter will be deployed in the area for additional support and transport of equipment and troops. This is also being done to set up some field hospitals in the area.

Despite the full efforts of the U.S and the Canadian forces in the area, there seem to be internal conflicts and political instability that might hinder with the efforts for restoring stability in the region. The conflicts include attacks and rallies from Kurdish independence seekers, and the surprise sacking of the Iraqi Minister of Defense due to corruption charges.

There is still some good news in all this as the Interim Minister of Defense in Iraq is a man who has served in the Iraqi Security Forces, which might allow more aid to the helping foreign forces.