Goldman Sachs Bans Parters From Donating To Trump Campaign

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The Goldman Sachs Group has told its partners they can’t donate to the Donald Trump Campaign anymore. 

An email was sent out to all partners restricting them to contribute to anyone running for the Trump campaign and Donald Trump himself. 

“The policy change is meant to prevent inadvertently violating pay-to-play rules, particularly the look-back provision, when partners transition into roles covered by these rules,” the email said, Politico reported.

“The policy change is also meant to minimize potential reputational damage caused by any false perception that the firm is attempting to circumvent pay-to-play rules, particularly given partners’ seniority and visibility,” it added.

Trump name isn’t mentioned in the email but when politico first reported it they mentioned the name Donald Trump and Mike Pense be including as part of the restrictions, the ban to donate has been in affect since September 1.