Trump Catching Up to Hillary Clinton Fast

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As the first Monday of September passes, The U.S presidential elections enter its final stretch.

After Labor Day, things start to heat up as the campaigns go into red alert and a series of events and debates start to prepare for the final race for the office.

This has been one of the most discussed and broadcasted elections in the history of the United States. With social media playing a huge role in creating the buzz, both Clinton and Trump are going full steam towards the target.


Recent polls have suggested that the gap between the Clinton and Trump votes is filling as Trump is catching up to his rival. The DNC margin of six points is diminishing as Trump has cut it in half over the last month.

Clinton would have been in a much more comfortable position if the election were being held right now. Nine weeks is a long time to change the opinion of a lot of people and with the increasing popularity of Trump in the polls, it seems like there might have to be some extra effort put in by Hillary Clinton to keep her status as the leader in the polls.

Previously, Clinton took the lead in the 12 out of 13 surveys conducted.

There is also a new development in the trust polls where 52% of the votes went to Trump in trustworthiness which is considerably more than the 37% votes that Clinton got on the matter. Clinton however, got the lead when people’s opinion was asked on the Trustworthiness in foreign policy. Trump however, seems the majority favorite when it comes to economic policies.
It is a game that is still on and these nine weeks can be the most important ones in the history of America. With the polls still fluctuating, it is very hard to say who will become the next U.S. President.


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