1 in every 5 Canadian teens have considered suicide 

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One of the biggest dangers encompassing Canadian teens today is suicide. According to Kids Help Phone, 1 in every 5 Canadian teenagers has considered taking their own life. That is a startlingly high number considering Canada’s teen population.

Kids Help Phone conducted a survey to reach this statistic, which included about 1300 teenagers. The survey showed that about 22% of Canadian Teens are suicidal and are considering committing suicide.

According to the statistics:

    • 47% of the teens considering it, have kept it to themselves
    • 46% had already come up with the plans to complete the act
    • 67% of the suicidal teens were girls, as compared to the 33% boys

According to mental health experts, suicidal tendencies in the Canadian youth are not something that they have not seen before. The results of a research conducted in the 1990’s by an employee of the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Care Hospital were strikingly same as the one conducted by Kids Help Phone.

There might be a fluctuating number for the number of boys who were considering committing suicide as boys are less open about admitting their intentions of taking their own lives than girls. They consider it being weak, but it does not mean that they don’t have the tendencies to do it.

The ease of access to information these days has turned the topic into a much bigger concern as teens who consider committing suicide have already searched for ways and lesser painful ways on the internet.

There has been a concern to address people who want to commit suicide and reach them out more through the internet because that is where they are spending most of their time. Social Media itself has been said to be a depressant when it comes to young minds. There have been studies which show people that use less social media are happier than the ones who do.

This could be because of the constant comparison that they go through with other people who are showcasing their profiles and it keeps on creating a need to trend and be more likable.

The word commit is associated with the act of suicide because it is considered as big a Taboo as murder and most people do not address these concerns in their households. The major reason of this is that people don’t like to associate the thought of someone they know committing such an act.
Let’s all address this problem now and save Canada’s youth from becoming a victim of depression.