BC Moms blaze after school starts, good or bad?

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A Vancouver Island policeman noticed a speeding car and pulled it over near Spectrum Secondary School. Everything seemed normal as the cop approached the car but as the windows rolled down, the smell evidently pointed out to prior marijuana smoking taking place in the car.

The woman did not try to hide the fact, because firstly, the car was quite a hot box and secondly, she said her and a couple of other moms were celebrating the ‘dropping off of their kids to school’ after a long summer. It seems that taking care of the kids and having them around the house all day long can do quite a number on moms.

These moms seemed quite happy to gain their freedom as their children entered back into schools. It was still morning and the women looked quite pleased and happy with the act. Having the kids out of their hair can give moms back the freedom to doing whatever they like in the morning.

With schools going back in action, the police have taken extra measures to increase the security around campuses and have advised drivers not to exceed the 30Km/h speed limit between the timings of 8AM to 5PM.

The woman was not charged with anything as she was not stoned enough to be cited, but she was still given a warning by the policeman as it is illegal to drive under the influence. Looks like the mom had a pretty good day; she dropped her kids off, had a blunt with her friends, met a cop who was nice enough not to press charges and gets to do whatever she wants at home now.

She might just have to consider not smoking around a school zone because, well, she might not be so lucky every day.