Here’s what happens when you want sex with 14 and 15-year-old girls

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If you’re thinking about trying to find an underage child to have sex with online think twice, and then get help, many children 14 and 15 year-old are being targeted by predators via many dating sites online. 

Before we get into this I just feel the need to mention that people find our website using keywords in Google, here’s a few keywords people use to find articles like this “12 year sex” or “children having sex”, I was surprised at this, people actually search for this kind of stuff? Knowing this we will keep doing more articles like this to raise awareness, every share these articles get makes it help rank better, every share helps raise awareness. I realized people may search for a more taboo side to their sexuality such as looking at websites like and others, but to search something that is completely illegal as well as immoral? Where’s the common sense.

You may have heard of the group called Creep Catchers, they are a growing group of people targeting and luring would be child predators and expose for social media to see in their local channels from many cities across Canada and now have made their way into the United States.

Meet Shaun, this man was caught trying to pick up a 14-year-old girl at a beach.

25-year-old Shawn came to meet a 14 year old girl In Kelowna. He drove all the way from Vernon. Shawn asked some very sexual questions regarding her virginity and masturbation. He claims he was only there to make sure she was real… watch the video… You decide. 

Do these guys think there’s actually children in dating sites? There may be a few but not many, there’s a good chance you will meet up with someone who will expose you, like the guy in the next video, ‘Wake up call:’ UBC employee identified on ‘Creep Catcher’ watch below.


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